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This is the story of Sonia Rinaldi, whose discoveries will change the world and shed light on life's biggest question - What happens to us when we die?

Does life after death exist?

I first heard of Sonia Rinaldi almost 20 years ago. In her laboratory in Brazil, Sonia was making “phone calls” to the deceased. Grieving parents would call her and she would have her ear on one receiver and let those in the afterlife use the other receiver. In the background, she would play audios containing sounds of broken up human voices. Parents were encouraged to talk with their children and Sonia recorded their voices into her computer. When replaying the recording, their children’s voices would be heard in conversation with the parents!


This has been a labor of love for Sonia and she has never charged a penny for her work. Sonia Rinaldi's experiments continue to evolve. To many people's happy surprise, she has reunited them with their deceased loved ones, not only through voices but some with highly detailed images. This remains a labor of love for her... to prove the existence and give hope and comfort to the grieving. Sonia believes that someday this method of communication with the other side could be mainstream knowledge.  

In this film entitled “Rinaldi”, our “We Don’t Die Films” production crew has traveled to Sonia's laboratory in Brazil, interviewed experts and the recipients of Sonia's images and EVP's. Sonia's cutting-edge research using video projectors, cameras, light, and other materials will be documented in the film as well as Sonia’s history of how she developed this unique passion.

Our aim is to give comfort and faith to all. To help prove the existence of the afterlife and that communication with the spirit world is possible. 

             - Sandra Champlain

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Holy smokes! This is amazing. Was having a sad moment till I opened this! Thank you Sonia! 
AMAZING!!!!! Thank you so much Sonia! Our kids are so awesome! They are working together to come through to you. WOW! So Exciting! Much Love & Appreciation.
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Oh My God Sonia !! This is amazing!! I am thrilled, happy, excited, amazed, hopeful !! And of course, so grateful !! Thanks for this beautiful moment! For the first time, I feel as if they never left! I feel as if my Husband is traveling as usual and my Son is away at College! Hugs and love to you! 

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