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Saving Evidential Mediumship with Philip Dykes & Kerry McLeod

Two international evidential mediums share their journey and mission to bring the truth of life after death to the world.

The 2nd documentary from We Don't Die Films is now in production

Directed by Robert Lyon

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“A Medium’s work should be focused on blending in the essence of the communicator. This way, the Medium tells the story of the life of the communicator, through accurate emotional and objective evidence, where the personality and character is expressed in a true and recognizable manner. This shows the intelligence of the communicator and the willingness of an unseen world to share their existence with you. The communicator is a real person with real lives and real family members, let’s not reduce our loved ones to purely information. A Medium utilizes their own true potential with purpose, compassion, integrity and love. A Medium has no script, only the true sense of another soul wishing to reach out and communicate with you”.


-Philip Dykes & Kerry McLeod

“Evidence of the Afterlife” is a film about the practice of evidential mediumship through the lives and experiences of world renown mediums Philip Dykes and Kerry McLeod. Evidential mediumship is a form of mediumship that gives proof that we survive physical death and our souls continue on in the afterlife or the “Spirit World”.  An evidential medium will communicate with the deceased in a reading with a recipient with incredible detail that only the recipient would understand. The recipient is instructed to only answer “yes or no” to the questions or statements that the medium gives during the reading. It becomes obvious to the recipient that the information is absolutely coming from their loved ones in this manner because the details are so personal and unique that there would be no possible way the medium could be researching the information beforehand.


“Evidence of the Afterlife” by We Don’t Die Films and Directed by Robert Lyon, will follow Philip Dykes and Kerry McLeod from Europe to the US as they appear before groups of people hoping to make contact with their loved ones through their mediumship. The events Phil and Kerry host consists of group readings or “demonstrations” where they ofter will read a room full of dozens of people. In some cases, Phil or Kerry can point into a crowd and know who the messages from Spirit are intended for before they recipient responds! During these events Phil and Kerry also provide mediumship classes for those that desire to learn the practice of evidential mediumship. The results are often stunning as we ALL have the potential to communicate with the Spirit World through mediumship.

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“Evidence of the Afterlife” will also focus on the history of evidential mediumship and its’ future as Philip and Kerry believe it is a lost art, and their main purpose is to save the practice by teaching others and demonstrating.


The film will take the viewer to Philip and Kerry’s home in Europe and travel with them into the gorgeous terrain of North Scotland where they will reflect on their work and discuss their philosophy. With the back drop of epic scenery the viewer will learn about the process for the couple when they learned to become mediums and how they plan to spread the word about evidential mediumship around the world.

“Evidence of the Afterlife” will prove to the viewer that we do not die, and our spirit lives on after the physical body perishes. This is proven by documenting the different forms of teaching mediumship and witnessing the readings performed at events around the world.

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