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For almost three and a half decades, a slight and unassuming Brazilian researcher has been bringing forth evidence of an Afterlife via various processes of Instrumental Transcommunication (ITC). Using technological devices such as telephones, televisions, recorders, computers and cameras, Sonia Rinaldi has been able to record both voice messages and visual images of those who have passed on from this life providing comfort to those who have lost a loved one and helping to prove, definitively, that life continues after bodily death.

Over time, the quality and quantity of these voice messages and visual images have become increasingly clearer, and her work has caught the attention of many well-respected researchers. Hear from some of them, as well as from a small sampling of parents who have lost a child, who attest to the amazing influence Sonia Rinaldi's work has on current understandings of concepts such as life and death.


I first heard of Sonia Rinaldi almost 20 years ago. In her laboratory in Brazil, Sonia was making “phone calls” to the deceased. Grieving parents would call her and she would have her ear on one receiver and let those in the afterlife use the other receiver. In the background, she would play audios containing sounds of broken up human voices. Parents were encouraged to talk with their children and Sonia recorded their voices into her computer. When replaying the recording, their children’s voices would be heard in conversation with the parents!


This has been a labor of love for Sonia and she has never charged a penny for her work. Sonia Rinaldi's experiments continue to evolve. To many people's happy surprise, she has reunited them with their deceased loved ones, not only through voices but some with highly detailed images. This remains a labor of love for her... to prove the existence and give hope and comfort to the grieving. Sonia believes that someday this method of communication with the other side could be mainstream knowledge.  

In this film entitled “Rinaldi”, our “We Don’t Die Films” production crew has traveled to Sonia's laboratory in Brazil, interviewed experts and the recipients of Sonia's images and EVP's. Sonia's cutting-edge research using video projectors, cameras, light, and other materials will be documented in the film as well as Sonia’s history of how she developed this unique passion.

Our aim is to give comfort and faith to all. To help prove the existence of the afterlife and that communication with the spirit world is possible. 

             - Sandra Champlain, We Don't Die Radio

Testimonials and reviews

I have now watched this film twice and was just as moved the second time as I was the first! Sonia's dedication to her research and the comfort it brings to so many grieving individuals is truly amazing! This movie is beautifully filmed with true sensitivity to the subject. It is also engaging and truly inspiring! I can easily recommend watching this to anyone who has lost a loved one and wants reassurance of the fact that we/they never die and that real evidence of that is being clearly documented by Sonia Rinaldi - a dedicated, loving, and compassionate woman. 


Sonia is a special person to donate her time for the spirit world to show themselves through these pictures. Absolutely fascinating and believable!

                                                          - Tate

Even if the thought of spirit communication conjures up thoughts of Madame Arcati in Blithe Spirit, you will stop giggling when you see this. It is inspiring to witness someone pouring her scientific mind and mystical soul into healing the hearts of others, at no cost to them.


Sonia is the real deal. This film brings so much comfort to those who have lost loved ones. I highly recommend it.

                                                         - Veronica 

This documentary discusses Sonia Rinaldi’s research with capturing images of deceased loved ones using current technology. It’s hard to wrap your head around but the film is so well done explaining the theory behind her work. I especially was touched by how it helps those grieving. You can see how much her clients appreciate her. I’m excited to see where this research will go in the next few years.


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