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"Evidence Of The Afterlife" documentary production update and announcements!


The end of production for the film “Evidence Of The Afterlife” is nearly here. I have traveled to places like Vancouver, Troy, Ohio, Scotland, England, and Australia to bring you the story of Philip Dykes and Kerry McLeod, our beloved evidential mediums whose goal is to teach the world about true mediumship. Our final filming location has just been announced: the Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp has invited Phil and Kerry for a weekend of mediumship classes, lectures, and demonstrations. At the event, We Don’t Die Films will capture more moments for the film at the second-largest spiritualist camp in the US. This will be a momentous occasion for Phil and Kerry, as they have never been to “The Psychic Capital of the World!”

The film is currently being edited and is looking great. If you are interested in attending “The Mediumship Gathering at Cassadaga,” you can find the information and tickets here.

-Robert Lyon

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